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Martensitic Steel - AISI 420

Martensitic steel - AISI 420 is essentially a chrome-based alloy which contains minor quantities of other metals.

Martensitic steel is particularly suitable for applications requiring high mechanic and abrasion resistance, along with a moderate corrosion resistance.

Its salient features include a tendency to gain in mechanical properties through a tempering/quenching treatment. It is possible to obtain an ideal compromise between mechanical properties and corrosion resistance by modifying the temperature in the above mentioned procedures.

Martensitic grades have several applications. Among them are:

  • knives / cutlery
  • scissors
  • disk brakes for motorcycles
  • blades for food-related and industrial use
  • mechanical parts and components
  • chains
  • tools
  • small parts
  • engines for submersible pumps

Nord Est Metalli pioneered martensitic grades distribution since its early days, establishing a long-lasting partnership with some of Asia’s key manufacturers, mainly in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. A cooperation that has strengthened over its 25 years, in case of our main supplier: Japan.

We have consistently combined our efforts to supply top quality material that meets our clients’ needs and expectations, offering a product that excels in terms of mechanical and surface quality, particularly in the case of Japan-made steel, widely considered as the world’s best, when it comes to these grades.

Available martensitic grades:
  • 420A - 1.4021
  • 420B - 1.4028
  • 420C - 1.4034
  • 1.4116
  • 440A / 440B / 440C
  • 410 - 1.4006
  • Inquiries for any other grades are welcome
  • sheets
  • coils
  • minicoils and strips
  • width: 10mm to 1260mm