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Long Products

Electrically Welded Tubing

Electrically welded tubes are products obtained by cold permanent casting, welding a shaped strip to produce a tubular shape. The most widespread welding techniques are: high frequency welding (HF), or Tungsten Inert Gas welding (TIG). TIG welded pipes are characterized by a more compact weld bead and greater resistance during further processing.

The following material is usually on hand in our company:
Aisi304 - 304L - 316 - 316L
Supply FormatCrude Electric Welded- Bright Outside - Bright Food Processing - Electrically Annealed According to ASTM Regulation A312 - A249
Surface Finishes Brushed - Satin Finish - Bright - Decorated
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Mechanical Pipes or Bored Bars

These are unwelded pipes (SS), obtained by hot rolling or extrusion, or a combination of the two. These can then be cold-worked with permanent casting, through rolling or boring. Unwelded pipes all have round cross sections and are generally used in processing plants. The mechanical tubes and bored bars differ in size, and consequently, in application.

Material usually available with an advance order
AISI304 - 304l - 316 - 316l


Bars come in different cross sections: the ones most commonly used are round, square, and hexagonal. These products are marketed in rods or coils. Their finish varies according to size, calculated by a relative reference chart.

The following material is usually on hand in our company:
Aisi304 - 303 - 316
Supply FormatRound - Hexagonal - Square
Surface FinishesHot Rolled - Cold Drawn - Ground
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Flat and Angular

The flat and angular products are rectilinear and come in three different stages of completion: Slit, hot rolled, and drawn. Their finish stage varies according to size.These products are used in mechanical and steel structural work.

The following material is usually on hand in our company:
Aisi304 - 316
Supply FormatSlit - Rolled - Drawn
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