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Coils and Strips

Slabs or flat blooms are obtained from a series of processes: electric oven smelting, refining in an AOD converter, continuous casting and conditioning. the slabs are heated in a walking beam oven in the hot rolling bay, and then pass to a roughing mill, and later to the finishing mill. Our hot rolled iron comes from this. these products can then be converted to minimum thinness by cold milling, which employs of a series of thermal softening processes and a Sendzimir mill.

Strips with a set length can be obtained from our hot and cold rolled iron, using a slitting line (flattener) or special widths of coils, using a slitter.

Our company usually has the following material on hand:

Hot Rolled
Aisi 304 - 304L - 316 - 316L
Supply Format Coils - Strips - Slit - Plasma * Slit - Oxygen Lance Slit - Laser Slits* - Water Jet Slits*
Surface Finishes F1
Dimensions thickness from 2 mm. to mm. 120
Width 1000 - 1250 - 1500 - 2000 - 2500

Cold Rolled Iron
Aisi 304 - 304L - 316 - 316L
Aisi 430 - 420C
Supply Format Coil - Strips - Sheet
Surface Finishes 2B - BA - Scotch Brite - Satin Finish - Polished* - Protected - Decorated *
Dimensions From 0.1 to 0.7 cm max width= 1250 mm.
From 0.8 to 5.0 cm max width= 1500 mm.

* This material must be ordered in advance.

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